The Road To Quality Living

The goal of the Institute for Quality in Senior Living (IQSL) is educate as many people as possible about the Senior Living industry and its constant evolution and the enormous demand that looms on the horizon.

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The Reality

Quality of one's life is determined by the resources you have and when it comes to Senior Living, the options are many and overwhelming. Some are very attractive while others may seem distasteful. What's the reality?

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Arm Up With Info

We believe that armed with all the pertinent information, including why decisions are made the way they are made, will help put the Senior and his or her family in more control of the situation.

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The Institute For Quality in Senior Living

Brett Frankenberg, Founder
Institute for Quality in Senior Living

Brett Frankenberg has more than 24 years experience in clinical healthcare as a physical therapist. In addition to a Masters’ degree in Physical Therapy, Mr. Frankenberg also holds a Masters’ degree in Healthcare Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology.

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Brett Frankenberg

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Targeting Seniors – What you Need to Know

If you ask around, chances are someone you know has a Senior relative that has been the target and possibly the victim of a scam that focuses on Seniors.  While many scams have no specific target, there are many that are designed to defraud Seniors out of their money in particular. There are several reasons why Seniors make good targets: Seniors often have financial resources making them an opportune target Seniors tend to be more trusting and due to relative isolation, seek someone to talk to and who will pay attention to them Seniors often will not report these crimes […]

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How Do You Control Your Destiny in the Senior Years? Part 2 of 2

In Part 1 of this post, we looked at several aspects of a Senior Living plan that helps expand our range of choices.  In that post, we addressed finances, legal framework and healthcare security. To review, the message is this: the more you understand the common issues that creep into our lives as we age, the better you can plan for them.  Some of those issues may never happen, but having a plan helps minimize the stress and allows you to have control over your circumstances even if you are losing control over your physical and/or mental faculties. Here in […]

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How Do You Control Your Destiny in Your Senior Years?  Part 1 of 2

  The image of long walks on the beach at sunset is the stereotypical vision many people have of retirement.  It certainly can happen that way – I know that’s what I’m hoping for!  But how can we make sure that happens?  The answer is to exert control wherever possible.  There are key mechanisms that help people establish and maintain control as they age.  These levers are; financial planning and stability, legal instrumentation, healthcare security, a progressive living plan, social support and mobility.  Understanding how and when to apply these levers are the greatest modicums of control you can pull […]

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