About The Founder

Brett Frankenberg

Founder, Brett Frankenberg

Brett Frankenberg has more than 24 years experience in clinical healthcare as a physical therapist.  In addition to a Masters’ degree in Physical Therapy, Mr. Frankenberg also holds a Masters’ degree in Healthcare Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology.  As a physical therapist, Mr. Frankenberg has spent the bulk of his career serving the Senior Citizen industry in skilled nursing facilities, retirement communities, assisted livings, board and care facilities and home health care.  In addition to the clinical role, he also has served in a management capacity across the post acute spectrum of healthcare, including Senior Living.

Mr. Frankenberg is the founder for the Institute for Quality in Senior Living, an organization that is dedicated to raising awareness as to what he believes is the coming crisis in the Senior Living industry and helping Seniors and their families navigate the complicated Senior Living landscape.  He has also been a featured columnist in PT Advance, a trade magazine for physical therapists, producing a monthly column for more than 10 years.  He has served as a lecturer at Loma Linda University, is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives, serves as an advocate for the Alzheimer's’ Association and has raised money for hospice organizations, served as a mentor and coach for youth sports and continues to demonstrate a lifelong love and commitment to learning.  He is dedicated to his loving wife and 2 sons who live with him in Carlsbad, California.

Through interaction with patients and families, Mr. Frankenberg has come to understand that the crisis in healthcare is as much a knowledge gap as it is a resource gap.  As a result, his mission is to bridge that gap by providing information and resources to Seniors and their families.  The goal is to empower families to take charge of their planning to avoid having to make arrangements for Senior Living under the emotional duress that accompanies the stress associated with changes in the sunset of life.  His goal is to help educate Seniors and their families by explaining commonly used terms, acronyms, government resources that measure quality, types of Senior housing and accompanying services, durable medical equipment and financial planning for the end of life.

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